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   Photo-Minutka Ltd. offers on sale:

Photobooth "Photo-Minutka"
for ID and fun photos

Equipment Quantity Presence
1 Metallc cabinet 1 +
2 A computer 1 +
3 Software 1 +
4 Boot CD 1 +
5 USB flash accumulator 1 +
6 A source of a uninterrupted power 1 +
7 Camera CANON SX100IS 1 +
8 An additional stabilizer for a camera 1 +
9 Printer CANON Pixma IP3600 1 +
10 LCD 15' 1 +
11 Notes receiver IST P77 1 +
12 Top sign 1 +
13 Posters 4 +
14 Curtains 2 +
15 A seat with pneumodrive 1 +
16 Audiocolumns 2 +
TOTAL cost for the set 188900 rub.

Additional options:

1. The timer of automatic switching of a cabin - 10600 rub.
2. Printer to print out receits - 10500 rub.
3. The fiscal registrar - 30000 rub.
4. Remote control systeme with GSM-module transmiting SMS-messages - 10200 rub.
5. Metal jalousie (2 ps.) - 12000 rub.

Useful options which are received free of charge by the client at photo cabin purchase

1. An option of automatic search and positioning of the face on the screen.
By default this option always is switched on. However, can be switched off, if it is necessary to make a photo with several persons on the screen.

2. An option of installation of the price of service.
The price can be changed. But it should be divisible by 10 rubles. It is possible to establish a reduced price for printing of additional set of photos.

3. An option of pictures store.
When it is activated all printed photos will be storing in memory of a cabin.

4. An option of statistics collecting.
This option allows to collect statistics of various types of photo and evaluate the place of photo cabin installation.

5. A option of printing from a minilab.
This option allows considerably reduce the cost of photo by using printing terminal of mini photo laboratory where the cost of photo 10 х 15 cm does not exceed one ruble.

6. An option of software free updating.
Periodically we update the cabin software. All these changes are free of charge dispatched to addresses of the clients who have got a cabin "Photo-minute".

Software sale

Software set costs 19000 rub. The software is in Russian and English languages.

Software set includes: USB memory card 4Gb with Software and an USB-key.

Recommended complete set of the system block for Software installation:

Mother bord ASUS M4A78
Processor Athlon X2 245
Hard disk SATA2 80Gb
NVIDIA 9400 512Mb
Additional controllers of COM-ports are established if necessary.

The digital cameras supported by Software:
Software supports a few models of Canon production:
- A620/640
- SX100/110 IS
- G7/9/10
- S80

The printers supported by Software:
Software may support all printers. But the printers of Canon production are preferable due to the options which allow to display on the screen an additional technical information. An option of photos printout on several printers is available.

Notes receivers, supported by Software
Software supports the following notes receivers:
- NV9 (protocols - parallel and SSP)
- IST P77-P5 (protocol ID-003)
- DBV-300 (protocol ID-003)

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